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Learn about recent updates to Rules and forms on our website.

Recent amendments by the Court to Supreme Court (DX, Address and References to the Sovereign Amendments) Rules 2023 came into effect on 1 April 2023. This included updates to Chapters I, II and VI of the Rules amending references to the Court’s location at 436 Lonsdale Street and removing the discontinued DX service, and updating references to the Sovereign in the Rules, substituting mentions of ‘Queen’ with ‘King’. To learn more about the updated Rules see:

As a result of the Rules changes, a number of Supreme Court forms have been updated and are available on our website:

Forms 10A - Heading and notice on counterclaim where defendant new party, 11A Third party notice and 45B Summons on originating motion - special procedure are available in Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2015.

Court users are encouraged to refer to the Rules to ensure they are using current versions of Supreme Court forms and templates. 

A selection of the Court’s most commonly used forms and templates are available in the Forms, Templates and Guidelines area of the site. 

Published on 11 August 2023