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Watch this video to learn how to create a new account in RedCrest-Probate.

Create a new RedCrest-Probate account

This video walks you through the steps to create a new RedCrest-Probate account. You will learn the steps needed to register on the RedCrest-Probate login page before you continue to file your application.

Visit our wills and probate webpage to learn more. 

In this video, you'll be guided through the steps to follow when creating a new RedCrest-Probate account.

On the log-in screen, start off by clicking the register option.

You can then enter all the required information to register as a new user.

Create a password and click the register button.

You will now receive an email asking you to confirm the email address you just registered with. You can do this by clicking the confirm email address hyperlink.

This will take you to the Redcrest-Probate website informing you of a successful validation.

Click the continue button to log in with the email address and password of your newly created account.


This RedCrest-Probate video guide is part of a series to help Court users learn about filing for grants of representation in the RedCrest-Probate portal.

Before filing an application, find out about the type of application you should make and the application process.

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