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Watch this video to learn how to complete and pay for an application in RedCrest-Probate.

Complete and pay for an application

This video explains how to complete your probate application once you have all the documents required. It also explains what to do if you are missing some information and what methods of payment are available to you. 

In this video, you'll be guided through the steps of completing an application and then paying for that application. Once you've logged into your RedCrest-Probate account, click on my drafts and filings. This is where all filed applications and drafts or incomplete applications live.

Select your draft or incomplete application from the list.

This will take you to a summary page allowing you to move on.

You will then be alerted of what your application is missing.

In this example my application is missing some documents which I will now attach.

You can also attach extra documents for your list if required, before selecting the pay and submit option.

You will now be redirected to the PayPal website.

Log into your PayPal account if you have one, or check out as a guest by entering your credit card details.

Be sure the credit card details entered match the details held by the bank.

Agree to Paypal's privacy statement before continuing.

You will then be presented with the option to create a PayPal account if you like or select not now to move on.

On the next screen, click the return to seller’s website button.

This will redirect you to the RedCrest-Probate website where you can download the originating documents. This document can now be sent into the probate office with the original will and codicils.


This RedCrest-Probate video guide is part of a series to help Court users learn about filing for grants of representation in the RedCrest-Probate portal.

Before filing an application, find out about the type of application you should make and the application process.

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