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Watch this video to learn how to file further documents on an application in RedCrest-Probate.

Filing further documents

If you need to attach additional information or documents to your application, this video explains how you can make changes to your application before submitting. 

Visit wills and probate to learn more. 

In this video I will be guiding you through the steps when filing further documents on an application.

Once you have logged into your account, click on the my applications tab.

You can then select the active application that is requiring further documents.

From here, click the file further documents button.

You must then select the party you are filing on behalf of, before choosing the type of document you are wanting to upload and clicking the browse button to import the document from your computer.

Repeat this step until you have filed all the further documents required.

You can then submit the application.

Another way to file further documents to an existing application is once you have logged into your RedCrest-Probate account, click on the file documents for an existing application hyperlink that is on your homepage.

You can then search for the application by its application number and click the next button.

You are then directed to the screen where you must select the party you're following on behalf of, before selecting the document you are filing and clicking the browse button to upload the document off your computer. 

When you are finished uploading the further documents, click the submit button to submit your application.


This RedCrest-Probate video guide is part of a series to help Court users learn about filing for grants of representation in the RedCrest-Probate portal.

Before filing an application, find out about the type of application you should make and the application process.

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