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Watch this video to learn how to file a new application in RedCrest Probate.

Filing a new application

This video explains the process of filing a new probate application. It explains the different steps when using RedCrest Probate and the prompts that will display onscreen as you enter the details of your application. 

Visit wills and probate to learn more. 

In this video I will be guiding you through the steps when filing a new application. Once you have logged into your account, click on the file a new application hyperlink. In this example I will apply for a grant of representation

Firstly, read through the alert outlining some important information regarding your request.

Then start answering the required questions. As you answer those questions, the next relevant question will appear based on your previous answer.

As you navigate through your application, you will be alerted of particular requirements or suggestions along the way.

You will also be prompted to enter certain information, for example the plaintiff’s details.

You can also add additional plaintiffs at this point if required.

Next, we are adding another executor appointed in the will who is not applying for a grant of probate.

Then we enter the details of the deceased.

Moving on to the will details. 

Again, as you answer those questions, another question may appear based on your previous answer.

Complete the deceased’s assets and liabilities page, before moving on to review your application.

You can now click the generate documents button.

This will allow you to view and print your documents. An instruction sheet will also be included outlining what you need to do.


This RedCrest-Probate video guide is part of a series to help Court users learn about filing for grants of representation in the RedCrest-Probate portal.

Before filing an application, find out about the type of application you should make and the application process.

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