Recordings will be made available within a few business days after a hearing . The Court will also publish the corresponding notice of appeal (where the DPP is appealing a sentence), applications for leave and, where appropriate, the parties' written cases to provide context to the webcast proceeding.

The Notice to the Profession - Pilot streaming of Proceedings provides further information for practitioners.

Current webcast proceedings



16/8/2018* S APCR 2017 0183 - Damian Honeysett v The Queen
26/7/2018* S APCR 2017 0128 - Director of Public Prosecutions v Brandon Osborn
7/6/2018* S APCR 2017 0127 - Dimi Sovolos v The Queen
1/6/2018 S APCR 2017 0233 - Peter Madul v The Queen
30/5/2018 S APCR 2017 0159 - Paul Frederick Smith v The Queen
14/5/2018 S APCR 2017 0230 - DPP v Ebonie Weybury
20/12/2017 S APCR 2016 0179 - Steve Iliopoulos v The Queen; S APCR 2016 0180 - Vasilis Bariamis v The Queen
26/10/2017* S APCR 2017 0027 - Director of Public Prosecutions Reference No 1 of 2017
31/10/2017 S APCR 2017 0061 - Rodney Phillips v The Queen; S APCR 2017 0075 - Sam Liszczak v The Queen
21/9/2017 S APCR 2016 0234 - Hai Duc Nguyen v The Queen
21/9/2017 S APCR 2017 0037 - Alexander John Semaan v The Queen; S APCR 2016 00238 - DPP v Alexander John Semaan
12/9/2017 S APCR 2017 0003 - Dwayne Michael Byrne v The Queen
6/9/2017 S APCR 2017 007 - Stephen William Nicholson v The Queen
25/8/2017 S APCR 2016 0224 - Phuong Huu Huynh v The Queen; S APCR 2016 0233 - Allan Boontong Au v The Queen
23/6/2017  S APCR 2016 0257 - DPP (Cth) v Hassan El Sabsabi

*Hearing only 

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