Chief Justice Ferguson announces the appointment of 25 new Senior Counsel for Victoria.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Anne Ferguson today announced the appointment of 25 new Senior Counsel for Victoria:

Raymond Gibson
Andrew Ingram
William Lye
Francis O’Loughlin
Peter Rozen
Andrew Palmer
David McAndrew
Colin Mandy
Richard Dalton
Elizabeth Brimer
Patrick Hannebery
Tomo Boston
Jennifer Firkin
Diana Piekusis
Christopher Archibald
Dr Andrew Hanak
Fiona Forsyth
Anthony Strahan
Cam Truong
Dr Catherine Button
Frances Dalziel
Dr Michael Rush
Juliet Forsyth
Scott Smith
Eugene Wheelahan

Chief Justice Ferguson said the 2018 silks were chosen from 84 applicants (66 men and 18 women) after a thorough consultation process with the Victorian Bar, the broader profession and the judiciary.

“The new silks are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and areas of practice, and are highly regarded advocates and leaders in their fields,” the Chief Justice said.

“The successful applicants range in age from 43 to 61 and include the appointment of seven women.”

The Chief Justice said that of the 2,073 practising counsel in Victoria as at June 2018, 29.3 per cent (608) were women. For barristers of 15 years’ experience and under, women comprise more than 40 per cent.

“Ideally, the composition of all levels of the legal profession would reflect the gender, cultural and ethnic diversity of Australian society,” the Chief Justice said.

“Although there is a long way to go in this regard, we are edging forward to greater diversity and the Senior Counsel appointed today are part of that.”


  • In 2016 – 18 silks were chosen from 81 applicants (69 men and 12 women), including four women.
  • In 2017 – 23 silks were chosen from 85 applicants (69 men and 16 women), including five women.
  • In 2018, 25 silks were chosen from 84 applicants (66 men and 18 women), including seven women.
  • In 2018, 23 judges have been appointed in Victoria from the ranks of Senior Counsel.

There will be a ceremonial sitting of the Supreme Court to welcome the new silks in the Banco Court on Thursday, 13 December at 9.15am. The proceedings will be web streamed and available to view live and on-demand.

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