The Property List was established as a case management list in the Common Law Division on 1 April 2016. Proceedings in relation to rights over real property are suitable for initiation in the List, including proceedings for summary possession or sale under the Rules and proceedings arising under the Property Law Act 1958, the Transfer of Land Act 1958 and the Sale of Land Act 1962. However, commercial proceedings involving property transactions will continue to be initiated in the Commercial Court. In particular, mortgage default proceedings will continue to be initiated in the Commercial Court and administratively managed by Principal Registry. Practice Note SC CL 13 Property List provides more detailed information on the types of proceedings suitable for inclusion in the list.

Judge in Charge

The Honourable Justice Riordan

Associate Judge in Charge

The Honourable Associate Justice Derham

Judicial Registrar

Judicial Registrar Matthews

Management of cases

Proceedings in the Property List are typically managed by associate judges sitting in the Associate Judges' Practice Court (Court 2). A significant proportion of these matters fall within the jurisdiction of associate judges for final determination (for example, summary possession and the modification of restrictive covenants). Associate judges also undertake the pre-trial management of proceedings. In line with the practice in other Common Law Division lists, the Practice Note provides for a final directions hearing before the Judge in Charge in matters that are to be tried by a judge in the Trial Division. Urgent applications not falling within the jurisdiction of an associate judge, such as caveat removals, will typically be heard in the Practice Court.

Practice Note SC CL 13 Property List provides information on how to obtain a hearing time for applications as well as further guidance on management of proceedings in the List.

A Guide to Practitioners: Applications for the Modification or Discharge of Restrictive Covenants has been developed by the Associate Judges of the Court to provide practical assistance to litigants making applications under s 84 of the Property Law Act 1958 and should be read in conjunction with the Practice Note above.

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