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Associates to judges and associate judges of the Supreme Court are exposed to a range of work both in and out of court. They gain a thorough knowledge of court rules, processes and procedures, and become familiar with court documents and court proceedings. The position provides a unique opportunity to work closely with judges of the highest level in Victoria.

As an associate you will be part of a dedicated team that will provide assistance in court to the judge, manage chambers and undertake interesting and varied work which may include research work requiring high level analysis and application of legal knowledge.

Former Supreme Court associates have found the position helpful in the transition to articles of clerkship (now traineeships), practice as a lawyer, reading at the bar or an academic career.

Information on associateships

For more information about associateship positions, see the position description document attached at the bottom of this page.

For all other positions at the Supreme Court, please go to current vacancies.

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Supreme Court of Victoria
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