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This form should be completed by parties in the Common Law Division and Commercial Court prior to the hearing of a matter (other than trial).

In this form, parties are required to state:

(a) who will be appearing on behalf of each party at the hearing; and

(b) what affidavits, exhibits to affidavits, witness statements, expert reports, written submissions, outlines of argument and chronologies or other documents (if any) are intended to be relied upon by each party in the hearing.

Unless directed otherwise, each party must email this form in Word format to the chambers of the presiding judicial officer and serve it on each other party (where applicable) no later than 4:00pm on the last business day before a hearing (other than a trial).

It is the obligation of the parties to immediately notify the chambers of the presiding judicial officer if they consider that the completed appearance form is inaccurate or incomplete and re-submit an amended form.

Following the hearing, the appearance form may be relied upon by the Prothonotary when dealing with any application for inspection of documents filed in a proceeding as provided by Practice Note SC Gen 20.

For further information, please also see Notice to the Profession - Changes to file inspections and affidavits for proceedings in the Common Law Division and Commercial Court.

If in the alternative you wish to file an appearance to a writ, originating motion or another originating document, please see the Form 8A Notice of Appearance.

Supreme Court of Victoria
Supreme Court of Victoria
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