The Major Torts List is designed to facilitate and expedite the passage of large or otherwise significant tortious claims to trial. Any proceeding which is primarily of a tortious nature may be entered in the List, including any associated proceeding that derives from tortious conduct. 

Proceedings managed in the Major Torts List include:

  • defamation proceedings
  • tortious claims for economic loss or property damage
  • nuisance claims, including land contamination
  • intentional torts
  • class actions where the predominant cause of action is based in tort
  • tortious claims of significant public interest
  • applications for punishment for contempt other than those referred to in Rule 75.06(2).

Personal injury proceedings in which the primary cause of action is negligence should be initiated in either the Personal Injuries List of the Dust Diseases List. Tortious claims against professionals should generally be initiated in the Professional Liability List. The Practice Notes relating to those Lists assist practitioners to determine the appropriate List.

Note however that proceedings in which the cause of action arose in regional Victoria or where the majority of witnesses or parties reside in regional Victoria should be initiated in the Civil Circuit List.

Judge in Charge 

The Honourable Justice John Dixon

Management of cases

The Judge in Charge will give directions for the management of a proceeding in this List at a first directions hearing. The Court will contact the parties within 14 days after the filing of the first defence, and no summons for directions is necessary. All interlocutory applications are to be made by summons returnable before the Judge in Charge on a List directions day (see below for dates).

Practitioners should consult Practice Note SC CL 4 for detailed guidance on how proceedings in the Major Torts List are managed.

Directions dates - 2019

Month First Second Third
January 31    
February 14 28  
March 14 28  
April 11    
May 9 23  
June 6 20  
July 18    
August 1 15 29
September 12 26  
October 10 24  
November 7 21  
December 5    

Directions dates - 2018

Month First Second Third
February 2 16  
March 2 23  
April 6 20  
May 4 18  
June 1 15 29*
July 20    
August 3 17 31
September 14 27  
October 11 25  
November 8 22  
December 6    

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