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Watch this video to learn how to file and pay for a search request in RedCrest.

File a search request

RedCrest is the Supreme Court of Victoria’s secure 24/7 eFiling system.

The RedCrest filing system is used for matters across the Court of Appeal, Common Law Division, Criminal Division, Costs Court and all Commercial Court matters.

If you would like to find out how to file and pay for a search request, view this video.

Once you have created your RedCrest account, you can submit the court file search request. This video walks you through the steps required, what information you need to prepare, and the method of payment available.

In this video, I'll be guiding you through the steps of filing a search request and paying through PayPal.

Start off by logging into your RedCrest account.

Navigate to the eFile tab and select create a new case request. Within the new case request screen, select the case type of request to search a court file. You can now fill in the required information for party one. Please note if you enter a first name and last name, the company field is not required.

Delete party two if not required.

Select court file search request from the document type list.

Attach your request to search document and select continue with filing. If you're completing multiple requests to search, one form per file search request is required. The request to search form can be downloaded off the Supreme Court website.

You can now review a summary of your request before selecting add to cart.

Next, select submit filings and pay now to be directed to the PayPal screen.

If you have a PayPal account, you can log in here or select pay with card.

Enter your credit card details here.

Accept the privacy statement and select pay now.

You will then get the option to set up a PayPal account if you like. If not, select not now. Then your payment receipt will be displayed.

Select return to seller's website to return to the RedCrest website. Whilst logged into your RedCrest account, you can navigate to the eFile tab to view the status of all your filings.

For further information or assistance, you can find our contact details on the contact us page of the Supreme Court website.

Court fees for search requests

A fee is payable for each search.

You will be required to authorise payment in PayPal after you have submitted your search request in RedCrest.

Application form 

Use this Application to Search a Court file or Record form when conducting searches of court records in the Trial Division and Court of Appeal.

RedCrest video series

This RedCrest video guide is part of a series to help Court users learn about filing documents in the RedCrest portal.

If you are preparing to represent yourself in the Supreme Court, these videos will provide more detail on the steps required in the process.

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