From 2 July 2018, all documents for Common Law, Commercial Court and Costs Court matters will be required to be electronically filed using the RedCrest electronic filing platform.

RedCrest is the Supreme Court of Victoria's electronic filing system currently used for judge-managed matters filed in the Commercial Court.

The CITEC platform currently used for electronic filing of Common Law, Costs Court and some Commercial Court matters will be inaccessible after 4pm on Friday 29 June 2018.

Access to electronic filing in RedCrest for these matters will commence on Monday 2 July 2018.

View the new rules

Pre-register for RedCrest (External link)

Commercial Court electronic filing

Practitioners can use the Commercial Court's electronic filing and electronic case management system (External link) to initiate cases and file new documents for judge-managed proceedings that fall under the Commercial, TEC, Intellectual Property, Insurance and Corporations lists.

All proceedings filed in this system will have a proceeding number which begins "S ECI".

For more information, including the new user guide, visit the electronic filing and electronic case management system (External link).

Please also refer to Practice Note SC CC 5 RedCrest.

Electronic filing in all other civil proceedings

Legal practitioners can electronically lodge, process and retrieve court documents relating to all other civil cases through CITEC Confirm (External link). (These proceedings will have a proceeding number that begins with "S CI" not "S ECI").

View the current Supreme Court Guide to CITEC electronic filing.

To find out more about general filing with the Court go to Registry services.



There are numerous benefits to using CITEC Confirm to file documents with the Court:
  • same day confirmation of filing
  • full access to all documents that you have filed
  • court payments are managed by CITEC
  • reduced workload for your staff - online ordering and delivery saves time, money and hassle
  • help and training - use the online flow charts or phone the CITEC Confirm hotline for help with search queries. Workshops can also be tailored to meet your training requirements
  • internet security - CITEC Confirm uses128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to safeguard information. The security certificate is provided by VeriSign
  • additional software or hardware is not required to use CITEC Confirm


The usual Court fees apply and are payable via CITEC Confirm. An administration fee, per each document lodged, is also charged by CITEC Confirm. A full list of fees and charges is available at CITEC Confirm.

Contact CITEC Confirm

If you are not already a member, or for more information please Contact CITEC Confirm (External link) or the Supreme Court Registry.

Criminal Division electronic filing

Practitioners can electronically file documents in criminal proceedings by emailing the documents (up to 20MB) to criminaldivision@supcourt.vic.gov.au (External link).